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Have You Tried GoToMeeting™ Yet?

Try the next generation in online meetings, which lets you share your PC
with up to 10 other people via the Web – quickly and securely. Use it to:

• Show your desktop to multiple people at the same time

• Switch hosts on the fly to let another attendee take control of the

• Give keyboard and mouse control to an attendee in real time . . .
and much more!

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GoToMeeting makes it extremely easy to begin meeting online. Your meeting attendees will easily join your meetings in seconds because no pre-loaded software is required and no configuration is necessary; they participate as your guests, at no cost to you. This makes GoToMeeting easy for every meeting participant to use.

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GoToMyPC users find that it changes the way they work and travel. They report more job satisfaction, increased productivity, enhanced family life and reduced stress.

for Remote Access Consulting & Training
try: GoToMyPCClick here to get a 15 day / 60 minute GoToMyPC Single-User Free Trial

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GoToMyPC Single-User Free Trial

Check this out. I've been using this new service to do training and demonstrations from my office PC and get access to my PC when I'm on the road.   I know you'd like to do the same, or use it so I can provide assistance to you on your PC, so click on the link above for a free trial:

It's a 2-minute download, it doesn't take any complicated setup, and it's really secure.  Your risk-free trial includes remote access to 1 computer and will expire after 60 minutes of connection time or 15 days, whichever comes first.

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                  Master Builder is a registered Trademark of Intuit Inc.